Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The first half.. well, almost

Felt like I just posted this on the New Year Day, and right now half of the year is almost gone! Time certainly flies at rocket speed nowadays!

Looking back at the past 5 months which was eventful and full of drama, I can't help it but to shed tears. Tears of happiness and sorrow kinda get mixed there though. I remember this Bollywood Girls Day Out with Mala & Sundra. Spent half of the day eating and taking photos. Months later, Passage Through India left a comment in that post thanking me for post! :P. It was fun day, nevertheless. Wish we can have another similar one before the year ends *looks for Mala. Then it was Ponggal and this year was certainly different. Can't remember why? Go here, and you will know.

GBDO 2009
Maybe we can have another GDO soon :-)

February was a greatest month so far. Love is a great emotion but it came with a baggage of its own - I found out only later. But I cherished it. It was beautiful. Then comes Thaipusam. For the first time ever, I went to Batu Caves with a group of friends, took tonnes of photos and came back only the next day. It was a tiring but exciting experience. Academy Awards this year saw Slumdog sweeping 8 Oscars - brilliant!

Bukit Tinggi Photoshoot was another photoshoot event under MIB's banner. It was when I was still struggling with terrible gastritis which saw me being rushed to A&E. Yes, I was in pain but not many know and I still feel some who knows didn't care. But it's alright. Like what they say - it's all in the game! :-)  Oh yea, not to forget, I bought my Lumix LX3 a day before the photoshoot and still loving it!

Botanical Garden, Bukit Tinggi
Was struggling with palpitation due to the antibiotic I was taking. No sign of pain on my face right? :-)

March is a month which still send the shiver through my spine. I don't wish to elaborate on it and hurt many people in the process (including myself). I took a long break probably longest in my blogging history. Just to mend my heart. It was sad. Period.

Most of the April saw me hibernating. Went for a small get together of uni-mates. Came back to blogworld just in time to celebrate my 4th year of blogging.

I bounced back end of April. But only to lose Girl to kidney failure. I'm still missing her. 

May onwards, I am trying to my old self. Trying to be cheerful again, with posts about me, quizzes etc. We also had another photoshoot under MIB's banner at Putrajaya (which I didn't blog about). You may find the fericous feminist Ammu missing in action. She is not missing in action but she is dead all together. Ammu you see now is a fragile and at times cheerful, struggling and broke Ph.D student.

Ammu @ Putrajaya
You may find the photos taken during the Putrajaya Photoshoot in my Flickr and Facebook.

As I went through the posts I have made for the last 5 months (47 so far), I refreshed my memory of all the incidents and events, laughter and cries, friends and strangers who had coloured my first 5 months of 2009. Try digging your past posts, you might find yourself too.


malar said...

Hey babe, that's a great effort on your blog, the recap with the links.Sure we can hold out another GDO ,perhaps we make something gempak among us :P ,ready?

venus66 said...

Hi, nice reading you. I loved the two pics of yours here. You look great.Take care.

Arv said...

refreshing :)

was nice to read some of the missed ones here... :)

take care Ammu... cheers...

Agnes said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Keshi said...

I love the recap...u emerged a stronger girl from it all and thats what matters.

Pics r beautiful Ammu! How did ya do it? I want to know :)


puspa said...

wish u best of luck for next gals day out.

Jeevan said...

True! It's a part of learning process at looking back ourselves. neatly put the post ammu and i wish the months remaining with more positive events.

viji said...

Thats good.

I'm not dare to refresh anything happen in this year... Even though most of ma memories fine + beautiful and everything in the way i WISHED, still there are some bitter as usual.

AT THIS MOMENT, no recalling session.

SEEMS like u had some good times in 2009. wish u the best until 31st december.. :))


Nithz said...

A nice one..

Sundra said...

come ammu, lets have another too!!..u take care ya, hugsss!!