Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It was not all about fun

Roller coaster ride.

That is ONE phrase that summarised my last 5 years on the bumpy road called life. While I shined and succeeded in one part of life, I failed with a huge zero mark in the other part. Life is, after all not all rosy as they say.

If there was a single thing I could not accept, that would be betrayal. And amazingly, that was what I experienced the most. It happened so frequently that I can't even trust my own shadow. Look, I have to attend a talk in 1/2 hour time and I'm sitting here blabbering about how people cheated my trust at 8.30 in the morning! I go to sleep every night thinking about it anyway.

But I found a cure to this 'disease'. All it takes is a confrontation. I found that confrontation did not heal the wound but it helped me to let it out, which at least gives me a good night sleep. Yes, confronting people who used to command high respect in my life (but now has sunk so low) isn't easy. Often it leaves them speechless. Probably they thought I will never find out, or even if I do, I will never ask them right on face.

At times I do think if these people use their tiny brain before ruining other people's life. What goes around, comes around darling! Screw me up, God will screw you up in return. Just watch and see.

So, how does it feel now that I have found out? Painful? Embarassing? Or as usual, you just don't give a damn? :-)

Now that some people have (at least partially) out of my system, I could breathe normally. No, it is not all well now but it is getting there.


puspa said...

Just Ignore them. Live your life with what u like and do. After all, it's YOUR life! let them waste their time on ruining other people's life.
If this happen to me, the only cure is Shopping. LOL. I rather spend my time on shopping than confronting them.

Mat`amiT said...

a punch in the face of the betrayer would be nice, though a bit risky hehehe

Kavitha Rajan said...

Ammu, ask the betrayer just f**k off...well if u believe in KARMA that person gonna get s'thing bigger that wat he/she did to u...CHEER UP GAL!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

yeah i agree. Confronting helps but at the same time, lets learn to put our next step carefully when it comes to other people
Good luck :-)

CM-Chap said...

I agree. Also I wish, you get the courage all the time for the confrontation... It gives you peace of mind. You deserve it.

I keep missg ur blog.. nw added in u n my blogroll so tht I dnt miss :)

Nithz said...

Ammu...i truly understand what you are going through as i have been through this stage before.Now no more as i dont give a damn/f*ck to such 'species'!!Just be yourself, enjoy your life to the utmost.Do something you like & last but not the least, ignore those shits & forget the past. Cheers...

Obi wan kenobi said...

Oh please , whats up with u ppl n betrayal ? U all make Brutus n judas betrayal look pale in comparison.

Chill la ppl !! No need to be so emo .

tulipspeaks said...

@ puspa

u r right. but do u know how many abusive comments i had to moderate for this post? :-)


@ Mat'amiT

wc to ts!
how i wish.. :-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ kavitha

i so wanna ask him to fuck off from my bloggie. some people never learn nah?

@ raaji

i am being very very careful nowadays..thanks to the bitter experience.


tulipspeaks said...

@ cm-chap

thank u..peace of mind is what i really need right now.

@ nithz

thank u so much for those encouraging words. will bear it in mind.