Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Blog Theme

After battling with the new blog template for about 3 weeks, I manage to customised it to what my blog looks now. A tedious process *sigh.

The previous theme will remain as one of my favourite.

How is the new look, people?

Usually I always receive complaints that tulipspeaks is loading very slow. But whenever I check with my own pc, it loads perfectly fine. How about this template? Is it still slow?

Now that I am (almost) done with this new theme, I get to go on blog-hopping spree more often :-)

Long life blogworld!


Rames said...

nice nice :D

Arv said...

finally... I was able to see your blog... again :)

this one does load fast :)

kewl one... and am happy to be back here again :)

take care... cheers...

MultiMenon said...

dis ones cool... ;)
You have a thing for skins like me lle??:p take care ammukaa.. :)))


Mysterious Mia said...

its a wee slow but atleast i can see yur blog for some reason all this while i cudnt see yur blog the page just didnt load......anyways.....this is good atleast i can read

glad to be here...hugs

tulipspeaks said...

@ rames

learned from u only la :P
big big header.

@ arv

u were unable to see it all this while?


puspa said...

simple N nice.

tulipspeaks said...

@ multimenon

thanks bro!
well.. i am trying to different :P

@ mia

hey gal.. finally i get to c u here!
what u mean by it didn't load??? u were unable to view it just like arv???


puspa said...

but i could not c any comment - maybe u should do something on fonts colour.

Jeevan said...

This is better and good in loading than before. long live blog world :)

~Nithz~ said...

Very nice :)

tulipspeaks said...

@ puspa

thanks for the observation. i realised it only after u mentioned it. will fix it soon dear.

@ jeevan

long live blogworld!


tulipspeaks said...

@ nithz

thank u :)