Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekend getaway

Chumma Talk: I know I'm hopeless in replying to comments and blog-hopping. Don't get pissed with me guys. Please have some mercy :P. I will be visiting everyone's home soon.


Hopefully you guys are not sick of me continually posting photos of my weekend trips.

Last weekend saw me driving to Malacca, dubbed the Historical State. I have been to Malacca before, but this time it was in a huge entourage (20 people) and to the A Famosa Resort, a man-made theme park. The food and beverage being sold inside the theme park is freaking expensive. I would suggest a night (or two) stay at the resort and bring along some packed foods to save cost. But invest in a good camera with loads of free space in your memory card. Don't forget to bring along a spare battery. You will have plenty to shoot.

Now.. time for the photos & video:

A Famosa Resort
The bungalow we stayed for a night. We had to book two of those actually. It was a pleasant stay.

Private pool
Each bungalow came with a private pool. 

We had some games and performance before leaving to the Cowboy Town.

Red Indians
We spent the Saturday night at the Cowboy Town. The Red Indian performance was entertaining.

Vacation Pics - Coming soon
The next morning was spent camwhoring around the bungalow :P. No vacation is complete without camwhore pics, right?

Elephant show
We checked out of the bungalow and proceeded to the Animal Safari. This elephant show was the first thing we watched. 

Miniature horse
Walked around the Animal Safari. This miniature horse loved my camera :P

Multianimal show
It was followed by Bird Show, Wild Wild West and Multianimal Show. 

We had to give the WaterWorld a miss because of the tight schedule. Navigating around with 20 people is not easy, mind you. I was dead tired by the time we got back home. Nevertheless it was an entertaining short trip. Loved it!

View the rest of the photos in my A Famosa Flickr Set and Facebook Album.