Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to UPM

err.. only to be told later that UPM will be shut down for a week because of H1N1. 


Anyway, back to the story.

I do go back to my alma mater, UPM once a while. But because the current (new) Faculty of Medicine is situated at the outskirt of the main campus, I don't get to really 'feel' the campus life. Today, with my junior Menaga, I revisited my old Faculty building which is inside the main campus.

It was an awesome feeling to be back where I was 9 years ago. Can't help it but to snap photos. I didn't bring my LX3. All the photos were taken with my camera phone. Pardon the quality.

FPSK, UPM - Alma mater revisited
This is the main block - Block A. Currently it is occupied by the Faculty of Environmental Science.

FPSK, UPM - Alma mater revisited
This long bench overlooking the main entrance used to be a place for me to hang around, though it is right next to the Dean's parking space. It is now sporting new brick layout.

FPSK, UPM - Alma mater revisited
Entering the main block, you will see this small 'garden'. A garden I never appreciated it's existence till I saw it again today.

FPSK, UPM - Alma mater revisited
We used to have a cafeteria here during my first year. I don't know why but the cafeteria was discontinued and left like this till now.

FPSK, UPM - Alma mater revisited
Block B. This is something new. It was used to be another empty space with some jasmine plants. Looks much better now.

FPSK, UPM - Alma mater revisited
This is where I used to have most of my lectures. The seats were green back then though.

I certainly wanna go back there to take proper shots another day. Anyone would like to accompany me? But it is definitely after the 1 week quarantine period ;-)


XtasyM said...

Wow... alumni of med fac?

Yeah... i was chased out from upm this afternoon due to h1n1 =.=

The old building got totally renovated.. and the new building is just so much better

Good old memories for u im sure :)

Arv said...

Glad you had fun :)

enjoy the break :)

Keshi said...

hv a good one then! :)

Nice pics!


Jeevan said...

Nice to know about a place u have been occupant then.