Friday, July 24, 2009

Nostalgic Friday 77

How many Vijay's fans we have here? Hands up please..

Hmm.. no one?

How many like to hear him singing, at least? Hands up again please..

Hmm.. again no one?

Well, its too bad coz this week's song was sung by him..

Movie: Nilave va
Song: Nilave nilave

Plus or minus for Vijay?


Priya said...

Not being rude, but he is a tolerable singer than an actor.

MultiMenon said...

ayyooo kolaei!!! I have had both side of it by now..Can I take up his place..Promise I ll do better than him.. :d

Take care ammuzz.. :)


Jeevan said...

him singing is OK, but i don't know why his brain doesn't act on acting these days.

I like Nee Kaatru, Naan Maran... song.

KK said...

double minus :)

btw Pachees means 25 in Hindi....

tulipspeaks said...

LOL! so, everyone agree he is not a good actor, with some saying he is okay as a singer? hmm..