Friday, July 31, 2009

Nostalgic Friday 78

Chumma Talk:
It's just the beginning of Friday, but I already make plans for the weekend :P. How about you?


Movie: Ananda Kummi
Song: Oru Kili

It is quite rare for us to find a duet by 2 female singers. I never actually watched the clip or the movie before, and was very surprised to find the song to be shot like this. I was imagining entirely a different thing.

Between, Shalini Ajith is the baby girl featured here. Cute eh? :-)

And to those who were asking about Roger...


He is a Rottweiler puppy. Two months old right now. We got him from a pet shop in Ipoh last Sunday. An extremely active puppy whose part time work right now is to bite Bobby. Bobby on the other hand, being such a motherly figure to him. Proud of her. But seems like Roger is not very fond of Boy. Anyway, I will be updating about them from time to time. Okay?

Have a blast this weekend people! :-)


Jeevan said...

Mostly they say that a dog don’t like another dog’s arrival at home and feel uneasy. I hope bobby take care this rude baby.

nice song to listen, but I never remember watched this song.

Arv said...


have a nice time :)