Monday, August 03, 2009

5 steps to dump your boyfriend

... and not feeling guilty about it?

Here is how:

1. Stay away from him.

He appears at your door step every day after work. Calls you (or you call him) everyday while driving to work, during lunch and before going to bed. You look for him the very next moment you need help.

And you are expecting yourself to just dump him?

Rule #1 is to drop hints that you are no longer interested - that is by staying away from him as much as possible. Get a life. A life that do not revolves around him.

2. Get over the sweet memories.

You can't dump him while still dreaming about the roses and chocolates, movie dates, fine dinning, ice skating, beach trip blah blah... can you? The memories are there to stay, that's for sure. But you have to keep them in wrap at least you successfully dump him.

Please note that at times step #2 comes before step #1, sometimes it works simultaneously.

3. Don't rethink your decision.

Think carefully BEFORE you decide and not after. And worse if you rethink your decision when you are half-way through executing the plan. Never have any doubt in yourself and your decision. Being undecided only gives others an opportunity to take you for a ride.

Remember that.

4. Meet and tell him face to face.

Probably this is the hardest step.

I know.

But no choice here. If you wanna break it off (completely), it's best for you to see him face to face and tell him why this relationship is not going to make it. You better be prepared with lots of good reasons okay? If you think you can't do this, then most probably you are not ready to dump him. Revert back to step #1 to #3.

5. Be honest.

No hanky panky. If you think you are unable to tolerate his snoring, and wanna break up for that reason, just tell him that. Do not blame yourself for the break up IF the real reason is him, and vice versa. No point playing a blame game when everything has ended. No shouting either. Be calm and speak your mind.

That's just 5 steps I can think of at the moment. Any other tips to share?


anitha said...

dump him becoz u cant stand his snoring!!!

Tekkaus said...

Now there will be more breakups! Haha :D

Dawn....सेहर said...

:D when I read the title in twitter...I didn't think it's for real :)
Nice steps gal ...break without noise isn't that cool;)


~Nithz~ said...

Hahaha..I was thinking of posting of something similar to that, but hey nvm. Checkout for my version in a week time. Have finished drafting it :)