Friday, August 21, 2009


Dearest readers,

I'm going on a short break, probably for about 10 days. And I have given up YM. So, I won't be available for chat anymore, unless you are lucky to 'catch' me in gchat. However, I will still be updating my twitter and facebook from time to time.

I'll be back on Sept 1.

Leaving you all with this wonderful song, my pick for Nostalgic Friday week #81:

Movie: Sangamam
Song: Margazhi thingal


Jeevan said...

Have a refreshing brake ammu :)

take care

Photos by Gobi said...

rely nice song lar fren...yellam pugallem AR Rahman kehhh

puspa said...


bnaipal said...

Why are Malaysian Indian bloggers so quiet after the indespicable act by some renegade Muslim fundamentalist at Shah Alam? Fellow Malay and Chinese bloggers including the Govt. of Malaysia has strongly condemned the protest. Not seen any remarks from our esteemed PM Najib in the international media – must be hiding under the petticoat of his wife. Arise Malaysian Indian bloggers – voice your fervent objection to fundamentalism in Malaysia!

viji said...

Take care akka... Enjoy the break and get some mind fresh :)