Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dogathon UPM 2009

I was waiting for today's event for weeks, if not months. Dogathon is held annually in my alma mater, and this my second time visiting one. Read about last year's Dogathon here.

This year, I was determined to get up and close with the dogs. No more shooting from far far away :P I befriended the owners, learned important tips and tricks, pet the doggies and take close up shots. They are so adorable and behave themselves.

Chow Chow @ Dogathon UPM
Started off with this cutie - a Chow Chow. They have this weird combo of cuteness + lion's head! :P

Sherperd @ Dogathon UPM
Then I befriended this Shepherd's owner. She was basically coaxing me to bring Bobby & Roger to the next Dogathon.. oh, well...

Husky @ Dogathon UPM
There were so many Huskies!!!! Huskies are my fav breed, and I can't stop myself from getting closer to them. This one with one blue eye and one brown eye. Love him!

Husky @ Dogathon UPM
Meet Maya, a brown Husky.

Rottweiler @ Dogathon UPM
Have you ever wondered how Roger will look like when he gets older? This is how. Baby Eno at 9 months!

Golden Retriever @ Dogathon UPM
A poser. One thing I noticed about Golden Retrievers is they are damn good at posing for photos!

Maltese @ Dogathon UPM
I'm sure there were other Malteses around, but I could only find this one cutie. She was pretty scared meeting new people. Maltese, my second fav breed after Husky.

ST Bernard @ Dogathon UPM
I met this pair of St Bernard during the last Dogathon. Veterans.

Poodle @ Dogathon UPM
Poodle Princess. She was such a cutie!!!! Especially with her pink dress.. you will go awwwwww....

Husky @ Dogathon UPM
I was happily clicking on this handsome when the owner warned me "Becareful, he bites". Oppsss!

Posing with my car :-)
This was the last shot taken before leaving. Beautiful place isn't it?

View the rest of the photos in my Flickr set.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

love dogs!! Huskies are gorgeous!! :-)

Jeevan said...

Lovely dogs! very different huskie in blue and plain one.

tulipspeaks said...

wow.. i got husky lovers here as well!



Noriko Haizumi said...

Thanks for coming to our event!! would love to have u guys to come next year n years after..=)