Thursday, August 06, 2009

Putrajaya Floria Festival 2009

Chumma Talk: I'm guilty of not blog-hopping.. again!


Ready for lots of colourful photos?

Not of me, this time.

Or maybe, only this time :P.

Visited Floria Festival 2009 at Putrajaya last Saturday. Maybe my expectation was a little high, so ended up a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, we took fairly okay photographs, camwhored a bit to camouflage our disappointment :P

Here are some shots taken that day:

Orchid @ Putrajaya Floria Festival 2009
My first shot taken at the Floria. Little I knew I will be seeing fields and fields of orchids later.

Putrajaya Floria Festival 2009
I don't know why but I thought these pines looked unique. Probably because they stood out of the crowd (of orchids).

Putrajaya Floral Festival 2009
Funny looking 'dolphin'. Well, I think it is a 'dolphin'.

Putrajaya Floral Festival 2009
I always loved pathways like this one here. Took many shots of the same pathway but too lazy to upload :P

Putrajaya Floria Festival 2009
This cute girl was posing for her dad's DSLR.

Putrajaya Floral Festival
Personally, I liked DBKL's display. It was creative.

Putrajaya Floral Festival
And this is what I meant by creative.

Putrajaya Floral Festival
They even had pathway filled with stones and shells!

Putrajaya Floral Festival
There was an indoor floral display which I skipped. Some stalls selling plants and souvenirs as well. If you are an orchid lover, then yes, this is an event you should not miss. Otherwise, it's okay ;-)

More photos in the Floria Festival set.


Arv said...

beautiful :)

~Nithz~ said...

Amazing !!~

anits said...

nice shots ammu

cindy-jane said...

Very nice! OMG OMG and I don't even know this was happening!! :(

viji said...

Wondeful pictures ka..

Jeevan said...

Lovely :)

I like pathways too and it doesn't seems like dolphin.