Thursday, August 20, 2009

You like this, baby?

This is a question that I have been seeking an answer for.. and that is for a long long time.

Why do the guys like to pursue or be with girls who treat them like shit?

Now, guys.. please do not go into denial mode or be defensive without listening my points here.

I know some of my male friends are extremely cautious when it comes to their pride and no way a girl could be bitchy with them. Attempting to treat them like a piece of junk itself will spell disaster for them. And I am not talking about these guys.

I'm talking about those guys who seems to enjoy 'the abuse' they are getting from their girls (Lets group them as Category A). The girls are those types which neither acknowledge what their boyfriends doing for them, nor showing any sign of compassion. For them, boyfriends = servants, and it is perfectly normal. You get to call them names, make them run around doing your work, get them pay all your bills.. bla bla bla.. But they will be there, being 'loyal' to you. But why is that so?

I read about this once in Dear Thelma.. he was writing to Thelma, seeking advice on his girlfriend who is.. well, treating him like junk. Once she called him up past midnight, asking him to get her a can of Coke. This guy bought one and went all the way to her place to give it to her. Childish or plain stupid?

Flip to the other side of the coin - category B. And you get completely adorable and truly loyal girls. These are the type of girls I always side with and ended up being accused as feminist :-P. They are not the type who buta-buta do things for their boyfriends, but at the same time treat them well. You know.. it's like walking on a thin line but doing it amazingly well. Be with these girls, and you will live like a King. It may sound too good to be true but there are girls out there who fall into this category.

But sadly, looks like "being nice" is synonymous with "treat me like a whore". Pardon me for the language. I just can't help it. I don't see the logic also. I have seen true cases, right in front of my eyes - guys ditching Category B for Category A, and being proud of it. It's something been bothering my mind for a long time and I certainly would like to seek for clarification. Is there any reason behind this bizarre behaviour?

Please enlighten me. Thank you.

*buta-buta = blindly


stevoceo said...

hmmm..not many guys like being with abusive gals, and i'm for one NOT a fan! And u associated type B gals as "whores" for being nice, which sadly, is noot true. But gals tend to use this kinda things against guys during arguments, that they are treated badly for being nice to them most cases i mean.

These guys that like type A prolly like confident women who know what they want. But again, over confidence leads them to bitchiness and ill treatment of the dudes. "Normal" guys usually dont take this shit from anyone la..but the case u referred in ur post of a gal asking for a can of coke past midnite.there's only ONE term i coin for that dude: PUSSY-WHIPPED!

And may i ask how many cases that u hv seen ur frenz being treated like shit by their gfs?

Your hypothesis that guys like to pursue type A gals is wrong, coz those guys are not really dudes!

Jeevan said...

I haven’t been much practiced with many girls in real, so I don’t know what to say here.