Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bangkok Day 1

 I'm in Bangkok for a short trip and a conference. Got this free WiFi in my hotel room but it's kinda slow - yes, slower than our infamous Streamyx! Will try to update about my trip as often as possible. Here is my account of Day 1:

Touched down at Suvarnabumi Airport, Bangkok around 1.40pm local time.Took airport limo to the hotel and I must tell you.. it was a nightmare explaining the hotel whereabout to the driver, even with the hotel's address and phone number. Communication was a problem - he could barely understand English!

Bangkok Day 1 - Airport Taxi
Saw this pink airport taxi. They are all over the place. Striking pink!

Somehow manage to reach the hotel. Hotel was about 20mins drive from the airport. Not that far from the airport and my conference hall, but kinda far from the city centre.

Bangkok Day 1 - Hotel Room
This is where I am blogging from right now :P

Refreshed and got out to eat - it was already 5.00pm then. Saw so many food stalls by the roadside. And looks like this place hosts a lot of stray dogs too! Had quick lunch and started our journey to explore the place. Walked and walked.. window shopped :-)

Bangkok Day 1 - Boarded local bus
After so long, I boarded a local bus!

The real shopping will be on Saturday.. errr, I mean in few hours time :P.

More photos in my Bangkok flickr set. It will be updated from time to time. Bookmark it! :-)


venus66 said...

Have a fruitful trip. Take care.

rauf said...

why din you tok to the taxi driver in French ? How do you expect him to tok in chaste English ?, You say Hotel Poosnika... Go... das all. Here in Chennai all auto drivers are from natporams, come from villages with dreams of becoming Rajni Kanths, they hardly know the city and our guys are so arrogant Ammudee.

Aiyoo i run to jungles to stay away from my putter, an you carry a lapeetopee ? BORE !

anits said...

enjoy ur trip ammu

Jeevan said...

have a great time dear. i check your bangkok pictures in flickr and it shows u well exploring the city. take care!

tulipspeaks said...

@ venus

thanks. i had a wonderful trip. more to come.

@ rauf

hahahaha! my laptop has become my hubby now. :P


tulipspeaks said...

@ anits

sure i did :)

@ jeevan

thanks bro!