Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bangkok Day 2

Chumma Talk: I couldn't juggle between work and other activities right now, and I have to be fair to my readers as well. So, tulipspeaks now will only offer updates once a week till further notice.


Day 2 in Bangkok saw us roaming around with a map. The Skytrain (LRT) and MRT (subway) were very helpful in that matter :-)

We walked around the China town for a while, where we found a beautiful temple - Wat Traimit. There were some kinda prayers going on that day. A picturesque place.

Bangkok Day 2 - Wat Traimit
Wat Traimit

We got ourselves two tuk-tuks to travel around after that. They were damn fast and with the roads being narrow, it was a creepy experience for me. The err... drivers spoke fairly good English, so we get to learn some things about Bangkok from them.

Bangkok Day 2 - Tuk tuk
One of the tuk-tuk

The journey from Wat Traimit to Golden Mount was a bit far, even with the speeding tuk-tuk. And it was a temple so high up!!! For once, I didn't regret skipping my gym for 10 days!

Bangkok Day 2 - Golden Mount
The view from the top of Golden Mount. Worth the climb?

I would have been pissed if I was not allowed to take photos inside the temple after such a tiring climb. Thankfully no signage saying we can't! :-) Ended up with lots of photos of Buddha in various positions.

Bangkok Day 2 - Golden Mount
There were so many of them!

Then we moved to an Amman temple. I saw a blend of Hinduism with Thai culture there. Can't bear the joss stick though. No photos allowed inside the temple. That's a bit sad isn't it?

Bangkok Day 2 - Amman Temple
Maha Mariamman Temple

After lunch in a nearby North Indian restaurant, we asked the tuk-tuk to send us to the Chao Phraya river bank. It was about 45 minutes cruise up and down the river in a boat. Was nice to nap :P

Bangkok Day 2 - Boat ride
Boat ride, Chao Phraya River

We dropped by the famous weekend market in Bangkok, but it was rather late and shops have started to close down. Mind you, it was only 6pm. I think life in KL begins after that! :P Anyway, we were too tired to do a proper shopping. So, shopping is postponed to Day 3.

Bangkok Day 2 - Bangles made of wood
Rows of my favourite type of bangle. It was tempting!


Not to forget my nostalgic friday offering for the week #84:

Movie: Ninaithale innikum
Song: Banaras pattu

My current fav!!!

And my heartiest wishes for this year's Deepavali. Have fun everyone!

Happy Deepavali


Kennee said...

Wow... Awesome pics... Enjoy ya stay in Bangkok... Btw, nanged ur post on innit and also clicked on ur ads here oredi... ^^

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

Another great posting from your blog..what's the camera model you're using?

tulipspeaks said...

@ kenne

Thank u very much! :-)

@ of travels..

Thank you.
I'm using Lumix LX3 right now.

venus66 said...

Wonderful trip and the pictures are awesome.
Happy Diwali to you. Have a lovely time.Take care. Hugs!

Keshi said...

lovely pics Ammu! :)


~Nithz~ said...

Beautiful pics..Have fun :)

Princess said...

wow the bangles are so colorful and beautiful :D

nice pics

puspa said...

love the song and bangles

Jeevan said...

dear, the pictures are fantastic along with your details.

Hope u had a wonderful deepavali.