Monday, November 02, 2009

Bangkok Day 4 - 7

Lets skip Day 3 of my Bangkok Trip. It was all about shopping and I was too tired to snap any photos! :P

Day 4 to 7 was all about why I was in Bangkok in the first place. It was for my conference which was held in BITEC (it's something like PWTC in Malaysia). Modern building.

The first day of ICN itself was very tiring. Nevertheless, it was nice to represent your country in the largest gathering of nutritionists in the world which held only once every 4 years. The next ICN will be held in Spain :P

Bangkok Day 4 - My official tag
They actually scanned the bar code before letting you in. For a moment, it felt as if you are a grocery item!

Bangkok Day 5 - My poster
Posing with my poster.

Bangkok Day 6 - Princess's Pavillion
The conference was officially opened by Thai Princess, and she was so interested in nutrition that she stayed on for 4 days! Later, I found out that she has done a lot to reduce the malnutrition in rural Thai children. The organisers set up a section on her work. It was amazing.

Bangkok Day 6 - Princess's Pavillion
This is inside the Princess's Pavilion, and I am posing with the Princess's guard. Yes, he is an army personnel.

I am not sure if I will be able to make it to the next ICN in Spain, but I surely had wonderful learning experience at this ICN in Bangkok. Imagine listening to the world-class nutrition experts one after another within few days! :-)

Money worth spending on.


Ekta said...

on ur blog after ages...but lovely photos..have been to bangkok and most of the focus there is shopping!!
So next time will look beyond that!:-)

Jeevan said...

Hope it was very useful for you! Nice knowing about this conference.