Friday, November 27, 2009

Big Bad Book Sale!

I was in Putrajaya when Puvanan called/smsed me saying the crowd at the Big Bad Wolf Books (BBWB) warehouse sale is massive. It may take 30 - 45 mins just to enter the place! Darn!I totally forgotten the date. Had to rush from Putrajaya to Bukit Jalil to Sunway, before braving the traffic to Amcorp Mall just to indulge in books!

For those who don't know, BBWB has this unbelievable warehouse sale of thousands of books. I missed the sale last year. It was already too late by the time I knew about it, so was determined not to miss this year's sale.

Reached Amcorp Mall around 4.20pm, and I was lucky or what? Got myself a parking at Taman Jaya LRT station within a few minutes. When I reached the location, there was no queue at the entrance at all and the crowd was in a managable size. This was in contrary to what Kavilan has experienced. It was a mini Thaipusam in the morning.

But then, it took us around 2 hours to select the books. Settled with 20 titles, fiction and non-fiction included. It costs us only RM172!!

Book shopping
My non-fiction books

Book shopping
And the fictions

Couldn't find health/medical-related books though. Grabbed in the morning itself? :S

The sale is on till 2nd Dec. Check out their Facebook event page for the details.


kenwooi said...

cool.. haha..
seeing the number of books you got for yourself.. you must be definitely a reader! =D

seevas said...

owh..i dunt anything bout stil new here...izit held once a year???

puspa said...

aiyah... till 2nd dec only ahh ?

tulipspeaks said...

@ kenwooi

yea. it's the earliest hobby I can possibly remember.

@ seevas

this is the first time i went to the sale. i think it's once or twice a year. be their FB fan to get the latest updates.

@ puspa

yea. missed this year means next year only.