Friday, November 06, 2009

Is my country dying?

I am a person who loves this country. Heck, this is where I was born, I belong to this land and this land (supposedly) belongs to me as well. I don't wish to see her dying, but isn't that what is going on lately? I bet if she is able to speak, she will cry her heart out!

I'm refering to the political situation, injustice & puzzling verdicts, and the amount of racial issues going around now. Frogs who jump from one party to another causing political instability and even caused a state in a mess, selective prosecution, body snatching, new education policies which are being reserved and changed at authorities' will... you name it, we have it here.

Will this work out?

Reading and watching the news has since become a terrible thing to do. Something I try to avoid. Usually a single disturbing news could spoil my entire day.. making me  to think.. what the hell is going on with my country! Things were so much better when I was a kid, ignorant to all these things.. happy with my friends made up all race groups. I wish I could be a child again.

I don't know if there is anything I can do. Maybe I will just shut my eyes and ears.. just focus on one thing that is in my hand - my postgraduate studies.

God bless Malaysia.


Nostalgic Friday offering for week #85

Negaraku, national anthem of Malaysia.


Dawn....सेहर said...

Hi dear...its true I am coming here after a long time :) and I see the beautiful change in your blog and let me tell you - your smile is awesome :)
First when I started reading your post I thought - oh my what happened...but dear isn't this same for every country? aren't we all asking ourselves about this situation which is similar and the issues are also similar...what can be done to change what we need to do -together :)
I loved your post and love the vibrant color - it speaks a lot
Cheers dear

Jeevan said...

Every country face such situation , but we have to see the better side and live somehow closing our eyes and nose.

Princess said...

every country has such crisis situations but it will definitely rise back in good state dun worry friend.

after all more people think the same way you do and collective positive thoughts do have lot of effect on the happenings.