Monday, December 14, 2009

A genius, are you?

Chumma Talk: Thanking Durai for the mention. Readers like you will only spur me to continue this journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


One of the most common response I get when I answer the question "So, what you doing?" is - "Wow, you must be a genius!!!".

Today, I want to ask you this - "What does the word genius mean to you?", and please don't google for it's definition. I want to you to tell me what it takes for a person to be called a genius in your own dictionary. I really do.

For the start, let me tell you one thing:

I am NOT a genius. In fact, I'm far lower than the rank of a genius. I don't think I was ever in that rank and not sure if I ever will.

It takes more than just a PhD to be called a genius. I always had the respect for those without paper qualification but...
  • has the ability to think out of the box;
  • possess the level of general knowledge you can't imagine;
  • excelled in their life though they started from zero.

For me, those who have done any of the points I mentioned above is a genius. I don't believe a genius is born, rather he/she is made into one.

What do you think?


Himmat Singh said...

I believe that a genious should not be assesed upon paper example: top school students(the nerds) do not hv the capability to tell who is Obama or who is Jenson Button...see thier knowledge is predominantly limited to the textbooks. :)

sawan said...

anyone who has done anything which i dont think i wud do even if i wish to is a genius for me :)

Princess said...

Hi Ammu,

A genius is one who thinks differently and has numerous innovative ideas, though many of them won't work ;)
the combination of the innovative brain and a lateral thinking brain would do the magic


Michelle said...

If one scores well in an exam or keeps topping, that person eventually tends to get the tag as the "genius".However, once they exit that environment of bookish knowledge, they are jolted by a very big reality check.Genius is the person who can mould life for the better with the lessons they learn along the way.You can't be a genius without failing.

Durai said...

:) , No mention.

You deserve more than my personal review anyway:)