Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Love & Humanity

There are two things I learned from the movie 2012. No, it is not about how and when the world is going to end. It is not about how power and money is postulated to save lives.

It's about love and humanity.

Which seem impossible for some people to give.


It is indeed hard for us to forgive and forget. Even for me, there are some people who do not deserve my forgiveness. But without forgiving and forgetting, loving and being humane is going to be a difficult task.

I may sound contradicting myself here. You may ask.. so ammu, what are you trying to say? should we forgive and show our love or stick to the earlier decision of hating them for the rest of our life?

There is a yardstick for me decide:

If he or she is no more tomorrow, will I be able to go on without the guilt of hating them?

If it is a yes, I will just carry on. Believe me, there are people who fall into this category.
But it is a no, I would rethink my decision, which I hope is not too late.

How about you?


venus66 said...

Hi ammu, nice post.
I personally feel 'LOVE and HUMANITY'
are so much lacking in this present world.
Hope you are doing pretty good there.

Hemanth Potluri said...

its a tough question..but when if i know the world is going to end..i will meet the people hating because those are the people who always remember me more :)...forgiveness sometimes helps :)..


seevas said...

for a short term, hating people for what they did to you or your loved ones may seem a better choice than forgiving them..but on a long term, after a period of time, even hating seems to be a heavy work till you dont feel like hating anymore and let it go..

i agree with what you said sis, "If he or she is no more tomorrow, will I be able to go on without the guilt of hating them?" because i kind went through it few months ago when a friend i didnt talk nearly lost her life in Padang, Indonesia. She wax there when the earthquake happened. Now, we are trying to get things back to how we used to be together.

puspa said...

Under Confusion

tulipspeaks said...

@ venus

then it is time to revive it! :-)

@ hemanth

only when the world is going to end? :-)


tulipspeaks said...

@ seevas

i'm glad your friend is okay now. time to reconnect with her. all the best.

@ puspa

yen inthe confusion?


Princess said...

nice trick to find the ones who deserve forgiving :)

so i hv decided not to forgive those i hv not forgiven yet and will think twice before making the decision of not forgiving..