Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my 2009

2009 began with such a happy note. I had long list of things I have learned and determined to make up for in 2009. Truth to be told, I did stick to most of them.

Ponggal 2009
Started 2009 with a blast but life went down a bit as the year progressed

But still, it got screwed up a little :P.

Again, I have no choice but to take all that as experience. Another life experience, which I hope will be helpful in the future. Like what mom said.. even our fingers are not in the same length, how can you expect other humans to be like you?

Very true.

I fall very sick early 2009. Took quite a while for me to recover physically, mentally and emotionally. And no, I didn't mention any of it in tulipspeaks. It was reserved for a private blog which I have started just for my eyes. I struggled so much at one point that I went away. I lost both Girl and Boy. The world lost MJ.

Nevertheless, on the good side, I did achieve lot of things. PhD is going on well and I have successfully gone through the candidature defense. Got myself Lumix LX3 in March and couldn't stop snapping photos since then.  And also an iPhone as a reward for myself (hehehe). I can't recall the number of photoshoots I had this year, with different sets of people! It was awesome.

Flora @ Butterfly Park
Attended a photography workshop as well :)

My birthday was a blast! I went for my first book warehouse sale and came back home with 20 titles! Went for my first overseas trip to Bangkok and it lasted for 10 long days! I know Girl and Boy can't be replaced, but we got Roger as a company to Bobby. He is as tall as Bobby right now.

Bangkok Day 5 - Entrance

At one point, I struggled to continue blogging and almost give up but hey! I'm still here! :-)

Now, I am looking forward to 2010. Hopefully things will be much much better.

Let me close the curtain for this year, and before I forget..

                    To those who got hurt by my remarks or actions in the past year. My apologies.
                    To those who have hurt my feelings and life. Screw you.

See you all next year!


Jeevan said...

Looking back is nice and a must thing to do in our lives, and reviewing it helps us a lot in future realistic. A very Happy New Year to you dear ammu, I wish you all success and happiness :)