Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jogja, Indonesia - Borobodur

Day 2 saw us waking up before 3am and reaching our destination at 4.30am. It was said that Borobodur is best visited during sunrise and we saw it why only after seeing the magnificent sunrise from there.

Borobodur built in 9th century is a Buddhist monument and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was abandoned when the Javanese people converted to Islam in 14th century, only to be rediscovered by Sir Stamford Raffles later. Together with Prambanan, Borobodur will make your stay in Jogja an unforgettable experience.

This is what woke us up so early. On your right is Mt Merapi and left is Mt Merbabu. The Sun rises in between and this what is you see from the highest point of Borobodur.

The stupas you find at Borobodur. Loved the ambiance.

One of the remaining Buddha overlooking the land around Borobodur. A number of Buddha's head has been severed. Kinda puzzled why but my best guess will be due to rise of other religion replacing Buddhism.

The orange sky.. not to be mistaken for a sunset. It was so beautiful.

The Sun rays finally hitting the carvings at Borobodur.

It is advised for you to stay in Manohara Hotel at the foot of Borobodur if you want easy access to this site. There is nothing much that you can do at the hotel and I would only advise a stay here if you are planning for a visit in Borobodur. Then perhaps you can move out and check in to other hotels in Jogja town itself for the rest of the travel. 


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