Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jogja, Indonesia - Mendut, Ketep Pass & Gedong Songo

After spending considerable time at Borobodur, we continued the journey to Ketep Pass. On our way, we stopped by Candi Mendut, a 9th century Buddhist temple which is still being used for prayers. We were told that on Vesak Day, there will be a pilgrim from Borobodur to Mendut. Both were built around the same time and there is another temple, Pawon which we didn't get to visit.

Candi Mendut.

This was brilliant. Offered prayers here.

Another view of the Buddha.

Detailed carvings at Mendut.

We, then continued the journey to Ketep Pass or Ketep Hill. The journey was like going to a far away land. LOL! We passed by villages, plantations and rice fields on our way there. No candis here, if you are wondering. But you will get a beautiful view of Mt Merapi from here, provided the weather is good.

Ketep Pass
On the way to Ketep Pass.

Mt Merapi
Mt Merapi from Ketep Pass.

It was a quick visit though. We stopped by for lunch before continuing a 2 1/2 hour journey to Gedong Songo. It was not in the initial plan but as we could not visit Dieng Plateu due to unforeseen circumstances, we decided to give Gedong Songo a try. Here, you will find 9 small temples in a sprawling hilly area. It is quite impossible for one to walk the entire journey, so we decided to rent horses instead. It turned out to be an experience I personally will never forget.

Gedong Songo
Jamunaa getting onto the horse. LOL!

Gedong Songo
Us, with one of the temple as the background.

Gedong Songo marks the end of Day 2. It was a tiring day that started at 3am! Day 3 was the final day of our guided tour and I will be posting some pics taken on Day 3 in the Jogja finale.


Nithz said...

I am sooooooo gona visit this place next year!!