Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jogja, Indonesia - Sambisari & Kalasan

This was a trip planned long time ago, thanks to Air Asia's Zero Fare Promo. We paid about RM190 for return ticket, which was pretty cheap. But one set back of booking ticket 10 months earlier would be drop outs during the trip itself. In the end, only two of us manage to go for the trip. It was inevitable, nevertheless Jamunaa & I had so much fun (and exercise) in Jogja!

I will be covering some of the Day 1 photos here. The entire photoset is available in my Facebook and you need to be in my list to view it. As usual, send me an intro message and add me in FB if you would like to view the rest of the photos.

Our first stop was at Candi Sambisari, 6m down under. It was said to be build at 9th century for Lord Shiva.

Candi Sambisari.

Me @ Sambisari
Camwhoring at Sambisari.

Lord Ganesha at Sambisari, a favourite name & symbol in Jogja.

Lord Shiva @ Sambisari
Lord Shiva inside Candi Sambisari.

Then we move to Candi Kalasan. It was built much earlier than Sambisari and dedicated to Tara and Buddhist monks. However, there were no statues to be seen inside the temple. Compared to Sambisari, Kalasan was not maintained to that extent.

Candi Kalasan.

One of the symmetrical side of Kalasan.

Kalasan was freaking tall!

Me @ Kalasan
The weather was burning hot but it never stopped me from camwhoring.. as usual :P

In the next post on Jogja, I will be posting pics from Ratu Boko & the famous Prambanan.