Sunday, August 01, 2010

Malacca Trip 2010

This is an overdue post. 

There was a time when vacations are so rare that I can count the number of the places I have been in my life with my fingers. Things are slowly changing now as I'm now coming to my sense (hehehe!) I mean I have realised the importance of vacations - it gives you an opportunity to run away from reality. Promised myself I will make it a point to run away from reality go for a break whenever the need arise to keep my sanity intact.

Last June, I went on a short vacation to Malacca. I have some photos to be shared here. I have shared these photos in my Facebook long time ago. You may want to add me there if you like to see more of my personal photos. Just send me a courtesy message introducing yourself first ok? :P

If you never been to Malacca, perhaps you want to organise a weekend trip to this state. Make use of wikitravel & tripadvisor, ok? :-) Enjoy the photos..

Malacca Trip
Rumah Malaysia - a replica of Rumah Pulau Pinang

Malacca Trip
Group shot at A Famosa

Malacca Trip
At the Stadhuys & Christ Church

Malacca Trip
Posing at The Stadhuys

Malacca Trip
Malacca River cruise

Malacca Trip
The Forbidden Garden

Malacca Trip
The Malacca Sultanate

Malacca Trip
 Cheng Hoon Teng Temple - the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia

Malacca Trip
Hang Jebat Mausoleum

Malacca Trip
Jonker's Street

Malacca Trip
Ended the trip with the famous chicken rice ball


cindy said...

Oooohhhh very beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing, Ammu. :)

By the way, which camera did you use for the shots?

tulipspeaks said...

Thanks Cindy.
I'm using Lumix LX3

Jeevan said...

I checked the pictures in flickr,and got to read the caption here. A vacation is always needed to refresh our self and look life at different from usual.

I have much to write on vacation and must do soon...