Friday, September 10, 2010

Jogja finale: Kraton, Water Castle, Gua Creme & Parangtritis

I have almost forgotten all about the Jogja finale I promised weeks ago. My apologies and here we go..

On the final day of my guided travel to Jogja, we started with a visit to Kraton, the Sultan of Jogja's palace. Apparently he is the current governor of Jogja. I am not a big fan of museum. In fact I find museums to be really boring. Learned a bit of Jogja's governance but I would say you can just skip this if you are short of time.

Kraton entrance

Apparently he is the Good Guard of the palace. They also have a Bad Guard. Both symbolising good & evil in the world. Hmm..

Kraton is connected to Taman Sari Water Castle, which was used to be the Sultan's park. Weather was getting really hot by the time we reach there and we were just looking for shade!

Taman Sari Water Castle
Taman Sari Water Castle

Taman Sari Water Castle
The Water Castle is surrounded by village houses. The villagers are mainly involved in batik making industry. I found a short stretch of wall filled with batik mural painting.

We then proceed to Gua Cerme at the south of Jogja. It was not in the initial plan but as we had extra time before our final destination to Parangtritis, we decided to make use of that. The journey was very long and the cave is quite hidden.

Gua Cerme
It was a well-taken care area. There are still some prayers being conducted here. Kinda creepy if you ask me. We went inside the cave, like 50m, just to get a feel of the place. The entire journey inside the cave can take 4 hours.

We proceeded to Parangtritis Beach, one of the most famous and dangerous beach in Jogja. No swimming is allowed here, and believe or not - my tour guide refused to allow me to go near the sea or take off my jacket because I was wearing green. It is a belief that any person wearing green will be lured into the sea  by the Queen of South Sea!

Parangtritis Beach
This beach has the most ferocious waves I have ever seen. There is no way anyone could swim here.

Parangtritis Beach
At the same time, it has a lovely sunset.

I spent the fourth day in Jogja doing shopping. Yes, the entire day :P. It was a lovely place with good people around you. If you have a taste for archeology, greenery, sunsets and batik, then Jogja is for you.

Parangtritis Beach

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Jeevan said...

wonderful place! and about the beach is strange.

tulipspeaks said...

Thanks Jeevan.
Yup it was but believed it or not, I really this the Queen of the Sea tried to drown me! LOL!