Tuesday, October 05, 2010

October for me

This is going to be one of the "insane month". Weddings, conference, symposium, seminars, thesis writing, freelancing, completion of intervention modules, manuscript revision & editing, personal training  - you name it, I'll be on it this month. Well, being busy at least means I have things to do! :P

Leaving to Kuching tomorrow morning and that's going to be my first trip to the East Malaysia. Not a vacation (again), but on work purpose. It's really odd to have your supervisors encouraging you to travel when they should be pushing and pressing you for results. Perhaps it's because they trust me (too much at times). LOL!

October also will mark the end of my 2nd year. Going to be a final year PhD candidate soon and I hope to complete it on time *fingers crossed. Actually it's a mixed feelings to see things slowly coming to an end. "Completing the race" is the joyous occasion every doctoral student look for, and our future hangs on it. Doctoral studies is a do or die thingy. Once you fail to complete it, the black mark will stick to your life and career forever. With a MSc, you are neither there (innocent first degree grad) nor here (Doctorate). Life as an academician will be incomplete forever.

Okay, me going emo already. I still have things to pack for the trip. Packing - a chore I hate the most. Perhaps next only to cooking. LOL!


Arv said...

busy schedule la... take care and enjoy it :)

Jeevan said...

Nice to see someone being very responsible and keen on completing the tasks. Congrats for even and then and best wishes for everything. ammu :)

eswary said...

well, enjoy your travel plus the work! write more=)

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Come on Madam....

Friday post??

Voracious Blog Reader