Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Working trip" to Kuching

Like I expected, the last 2 weeks been nothing but hectic with event after event :-| One week was spent in Kuching. I won't say that's my best trip, just that it is not my 'type' of town. Rest, I let you to figure it out yourself :P

Took very few photos there. Here are some shots:

Kuching - Waterfront
Along the Waterfront

Kuching - Waterfront
Kuching also means cat (spelled 'kucing') in Malay language

Sarawak Cultural Village
At the Sarawak Cultural Village. They had this performance of the main tribes in Sarawak. The 'thing' he is carrying weigh 20kg!

Sarawak Cultural Village
Performance by "Orang Melanau".

Kg Giam, Sarawak
For those who don't know, my aunt is a native Bidayuh. Took me to her village for a 1/2 day trip. Now, this is the part of Sarawak I want to see :-)

Kg Giam, Sarawak
I don't know about you, but I absolutely love water!

Sarawak Laksa
And she treated me with homemade Sarawak laksa later. Yummy! ;-)

Rest of the photos can be found in my FB album ;-)


Anonymous said...

Your fotos look great. Btw what is the camera you use?. coz I am trying to take pictures at night with lights and they dont come as perfect as you. You have a wonderful blog.


tulipspeaks said...

Thanks Meera. I'm using LX3. Excellent camera for night use :)

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Awesome photos!

Jeevan said...

looks nice :)