Friday, December 31, 2010

my 2010

Overall, it was a year of experience. Somehow I end up learning tonnes of things when I reach 30. Talk about maturity.. ;-)

This is a recap of the year 2010, and I'm determined not to have any resolutions for 2011. It doesn't work anyway. Let's go with the flow. 

While reading this, do recall how YOUR 2010 was. I'm sure there will be some 'take home messages' as well.

1. Quality comes first
A more practical thingy I learned this year compared to the rest in the list.  You get what you pay for, and I think I realised it pretty late for 2010. I will be more prepared after this. 

2. Weight-loss target won't work
Unless you put in extra effort to work out. I'm now officially a gym-addict, hitting the gym not less than 3 times a week and training with a PT. On top of that, I'm practising what I preach! :-)

3. Travel as much as you can
 It's not like I've been traveling around the world and damn experienced in in traveling. I'm a newbie, but I can see the difference travels bring to me. Hard to explain in words. It suffices to say traveling makes you a better person.

Some places I've been this year - Malacca, Jogja, Kuching & a stopover at Taiping

4. Reward yourself
Be it a gadget, short vacation, comfort food, shopping, facial, massage or a good night sleep - anything goes as long as you reward and pamper yourself after hard day month of work. Rejuvenate.

5. Don't give a damn about people who didn't give a damn about you
 I have this stupid soft corner for people around me. I don't know if that is to show off that I am indeed caring or just how I am. Confused there. Anyway, have to keep reminding myself that some people just don't deserve that kinda care or attention. In another word, screw them!

Lesser weddings to attend this year.

6. Let go
Let go of people who wanna leave. Let go of bad memories. Let go of hatred.
You'll be fine.

7. Keep sanity intact, always
This is when your buddies and hobbies come to the picture. Always plan ahead to stay organised. Let go of unnecessary work and stick to your priority list.

CNY photoshoot with cousin sisters. A first for us :-)

8. You are on your own
At the end of the day, it's your life and it belongs to no one else but to yourself. Do what you wanna do. As long as what you intend to do does not ruin others' lives or kill them, you should be just going ahead with your plan. Live for no one else, but yourself.

pu 2
Had a photoshoot with some of my girlfriends. [Photo credit: Puvanan]

9. Life is fragile but valuable
You will be walking around normal one moment and lying down dead the next. Like the saying goes - "We are all born, we all die, it's what you do in between that counts".

10. Appreciate those who molded your year
 Also called as myYEP (my Year End Project). I'm dedicating the last month of the year to meet up those whom I think have created an impact on my life, for a cup of coffee or a meal. This year, there was 19 of them, and I've met 16. It's too bad that I have to miss the 3, though.

X'mas dinner-cum-myYEP with fellow Monashians


eswary said...

Great. like your (myYEP)idea. Hope year 2011 brings you more happiness. Cheers!

Iswari said...

it took me a long time to actually stop giving a damn about people who couldn't care less about me and i still can't say that i could. but the truth is, we need to let go and hopefully 2011 will be a year for moving on :)

Hdaran said...

I am against wishing anyone 'Happy New Year' past the 1st of January so, I'll just say, have a good year!!!

Jeevan said...

You lessons have also put me in thoughts and I quite agree with your every point and it has a reason to be and most of it goes well with my life and relationship. You have brought the moments very beautiful here in pictures and thoughts. Have a wonderful year ahead dear :)

Sree said...

Can't agree more with No.5,6 and 8.
I can't say that I follow them, but I try to. And honestly, knowing these 3 lessons and trying to follow them helps us to move forward.

Great post, as usual! :)

Hope you have a great year ahead!