Friday, January 14, 2011

9 more months to go

I have 9 more month to go for the thesis submission, more or less. When I think that this IS what I ever wanted in life, it makes really nervous. Despite my supervisors constant assurance that I'm performing well, I just can't seem to feel better.

Perhaps if I planned wiser, I will be feeling better now. But I know, research doesn't always work according to a fixed time table. There are way too many outside factors involved, and like the saying goes - we can only plan, He decides. If you have known me well enough, then you might be telling yourself - "hey, what you mean you didn't plan? You schedule everything!" Many even wonder why I am "too organised". Maybe they never befriended a researcher before and you know what? - this is how a researcher will and should behave. Organised and well-planned. That is the reason why I don't favour last minute appointments and I dislike the habit of ignoring RSVP invites. But it is certainly not enough.

I have given up few responsibilities in order to catch up with the deadline. I thought it will free some of my time, and time is THE most important thing right now. But new stuff keep coming up! *sigh Maybe I am not persistent enough, not mean enough to say NO. Hmm..

The next 9 crucial months will see me collecting follow-up data, analysing the data & generating outputs, writing manuscripts & thesis, and attending conferences. This is one of the moments I wish to clone myself. There were days gone without me talking to anyone, and Twitter & FB have became my only social interactions Worst of all, you got to finish the journey all by yourself. It is leaving me little frustrated, and I tend to get agitated easily. I look and sound more like an annoying aunty at times O_o

I'm waiting for the storm to pass.


Anonymous said...

You will shine Ammu... i'm sure of it.. All the best girl.. :)


Mia said...

all the best dear...are you working on a grant deadline is it? i am married to a researcher too so i know what you mean....just hang in there....just do what you need to do and time will fly by and u wont even realise...

anyways i am back to blogville with a new url

take care

Arv said...

wow... this is gonna be an exciting year Ammu... Just stick to your routine like your supervisors say and it will be fine :)

take care and all the best for all your efforts :)


Jeevan said...

I wish there would be breeze u r field. take care ammu, all the best