Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch, New Zealand - 2

[From now on, the Christchurch posts will be dedicated to the ruined city. May God bless!]

We took a walk along Worchester St to reach the Botanical Garden. You can say the street is 'dedicated' to arts. There will be a number of art galleries and buildings built with a taste in art along the street.You will see a mixture of modern and traditional architecture.

A traditional building.

And a modern looking, Christchurch Art Gallery

One thing about CHC, the weather can be very good one day and completely the opposite the next day. It was important for us to jot down the weather forecast few days in advance to plan the agenda. Coming from a country where we completely ignore the forecasts, it seemed like a task to me! Days when it will be sunny must be utilised to the max! Trust me - you don't wanna walk in a windy day with showers. You need 3 layers of clothes for that.

8 Feb
That's me - couldn't resist camwhoring when the lighting seems to be so good!

Besides art centers, you may also find a number of B&B accommodation along the way. Honestly, they are beautiful!

One of the B&B along Wolcester St

Sculpture of a girl in front of a home dedicated to children with dyslexia

Finally we reached Botanical Garden at Rolleston Ave. It is home to NZ's native flora and a must visit. You can find flowers of various colours and trees older than 100 years old here. It closes pretty early - around 5 or 6. So be there at least couple of hours before to give you enough time to go around the garden.

8 Feb1
Botanical Garden. Christchurch

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