Monday, April 02, 2012

PTPTN - My stand

I am a receiver of PTPTN study loan - about RM21k and by the time I started paying it off, it was close to RM24k (including interest). One thing about PTPTN, just like any other loan, it was easy to get but it is just kills you when you realise you are actually in debt before you even start earning. That's not how I want to start my career/working life.

I am half-way through my payment and I am not advocating the abolishment of PTPTN. However, I strongly believe tertiary education in public institution should be free. At least make it free to those scoring a CGPA of more than 3.00. Come on, be it STPM or Matriculation, it is tough (which one is tougher.. that's entire a different story). You have smart youths who can't afford glamourised private tertiary education in IPTAs. What's wrong in funding them?

PTPTN or whatever study loan, should be interest-free and given out to those in private institutions (IPTS). But not just any IPTS, given that we have so many small colleges (I call it motel colleges) operating from shoplots. As long as the course is accrediated, they are free to apply for the loan and I wonder how many of these colleges actually provide good quality education to their students. PTPTN should be confined to critical courses in good IPTS and applicants should be screened so that only those deserving ones get hold of it.

I think this would be a fair deal. And no, I have don't have any problem paying back half of my remaining loan.

p/s: Glad to be back writing here. Planning to write as I feel like it, no promise of regular posts. At least not for now.


david said...

IPTS O IPTA Both are entitle to Offer SCHOLARSHIPS TO GOOD loan is still a loan like it o not need to repay either interest free o not...tis is LIFE Youngman ,move on n share responsiblities ...

tulipspeaks said...

@david - I don't really get your points. I hope you got mine.
Between, I'm not a young man. This is a young lady. Tq.


Jeevan said...

I agree! Nice to see post from you :)

SickFella said...

Agree with the motel colleges. It is increasing day to day..

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hi Amutha,

You are mentioned here in my article appreciating your stand about the PTPTN loan :

Congratulations to you and good luck in your life!